Linus Nyström
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An illustration for an article about copy cats (or “härmapor” - “copy monkeys” as we call it in Sweden) in litterature. The article mentioned EL James and all the copies of 50 shades that have been published lately, so here she is, surrounded by her copy monkeys.
Here’s a portrait of the swedish football legend “Nacka” Skoglund, who played for my team Hammarby in the 60’s (He also played for some team in Italy, Inter or something, nothing important ;) ). Its for a fun project called Kampion ( 
How bout this huh? Best speakers ever! 
(And you can get yours here:
Did some lettering etc for some friends:
Sometimes even Spiderman needs to get the shit out of his system…
I just finished this for a really cool project called Urban Fidelity, where they let artists design a set of speakers. They’re hq-printed on a wooden board, split in two and the speakers themselves goes right into the girl’s glasses. Check them out at
I did this yesterday. Its a stupid word joke in swedish that I couldn’t get out of my head. It’s Swedens pri-minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, and “åhnej” means “oh no” in swedish, and rhymes perfectly with “obey”. So yeah. He’s a dick.